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Business Overview

This customer is a growing family-owned business specializing in Italian Specialty food.  It is the sister company of an Ohio-based wholesale food distributor with a 100 year history.

Chat Overview

In this chat session, the Customer was looking for a food product that she got during a recent trip in Aruba.  She found a similar product in the website and the agent provided a very visual description of it which resulted in a purchase by the customer.

Kurt was very helpful (better than just good). This was my first visit to your site and I will be ordering!

Website Visitor


Kurt Reynolds
Hi. Sorry to interrupt you, but I wanted to let you know I’m online. Do you have any questions I can help with?

Hi Kurt. On a recent visit to Aruba, I enjoyed an Italian tuna that was jarred and packed in olive oil. It was called Nochierro Tonno. Unfortunately I did not get the distributor name, but I see your company has Frinsa white tuna in olive oil. What can you tell me about this product?

Kurt Reynolds
Is this the one you’re referring to? ***LINK***
Benito del Norte (White Tuna) in Olive Oil Jar


Kurt Reynolds
Oh it’s actually one of our best sellers.
Many people look just for this
“14 oz Frinsa Bonito del Norte (Tuna in Olive Oil). This tuna puts traditional store bought tuna to shame! This lovely, buttery tuna is hand harvested out of the Cantabrian Ocean north of Spain. Only the best cuts are chosen, trimmed, and jarred, and you won’t believe the taste! Try it on bread, pita, crackers, salad, and more—you’ve found the holy grail of tuna right here!”

this looks good and reminds me of the one I spoke of. Can anyone order from your website or is it for companies only

Kurt Reynolds
Yes go ahead and order. There’s no minimum order requirement.
It’s a great choice

thanks so much for your assistance. have a great day

Kurt Reynolds
Welcome. Let us know if there’s anything you need help with. Thanks for your time, I hope you have a pleasant day!

One challenge when you do live chat is providing your customers a very visual description and letting them feel the quality of the product you are selling.

In this chat session, the agent was very successful in explaining how the product was manufactured. Because of this, the quality of the product was established and it even reminded the customer about the food that she had during her recent trip to Aruba. The chat session resulted in a purchase from a first time visitor of the website.


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