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Case Study:
We CAN Learn Your Business


This customer is a leading supplier of Massage Therapy equipment in the United States.  Being in the business for over 16 years, they have sold millions of dollars worth of Quality Massage and Skincare Equipment.  They are truly experts in this field with, thousands of satisfied customers.

Jeff is the CEO. He used to run live chat for the website himself, before we contacted him.  He was very skeptical about hiring someone else to manage chat. He thought his business was too complex to have anyone else answer questions on his website.

“How could you possibly answer my visitor’s questions – my business is SO complex!”

We have an extremely methodical onboarding process that allowed us to overcome this challenge. Not only have we been able to help Jeff’s customers.  Jeff is truly a Raving Fan of HelpFlow.  You can ask him yourself!

I was your biggest skeptic, but you turned me around and now I’m your biggest fan.

You’ve changed my business in ways I couldn’t have imagined. And YES – you 110% earned my business–and learned my business–and have done a great job. Thank you!

Jeff R.

CEO, Sells Massage Therapy Equipment


Feedback from a Happy Website Visitor…

Wowza! I am completely floored by the quality of the service I just received!  I went online to look for my dream table and was having a hard time finding it.  Today I landed on (website) page and my challenges were quickly removed.

First there was the online chat.  I did not see the exact table I was looking for but saw two that were close.  I was able to describe what I liked in both of those tables and the online person sent that information to Jeff.

Secondly, Jeff called with a clear idea of what I was looking for but made sure to listen to what I said.  He made great recommendations and I am 100% confident I will be happy with my table and other supplies.  So confident I am filling out this review the day of my order and not after my items have been received.

Finally no shipping cost was the icing on the cake.

I definitely have bookmarked this website for future supply needs!

We manage chat for a wide range of sites in all types of industries. After tracking thousands and thousands of chats, we have identified a core group of questions that will get asked on any site regardless of what you sell.

The first step of our onboarding process with Jeff was to create a knowledge base for those simple to predict questions. But we also needed to have product-specific knowledge base resources. That’s where the next phase of our onboarding process comes in.

We pulled in all of the company’s knowledge assets into our system (i.e. FAQs on their website, HelpDesk tickets, and much more).  Our system made this initial information more robust, contextual, and searchable.

We also did an onboarding call to discuss specific questions and uncover additional ones not yet included in the knowledge base.

By that point, we were ready to launch live chat on their website. This is an incredibly comprehensive process, but also very efficient.  Since it’s what we do repeatedly, we know how to get it done right.  We launched within 7 days of Jeff signing up.

Even after launch, we did not stop learning the business.  If there were situations where we didn’t know the answer, we would refer that question to Jeff. Jeff would answer the visitor’s question, but send our system a copy of the email – which updates the knowledge base.


Days to Launch


Increase in Conversion Rate

It took us only 1 week to implement and fully operationalize HelpFlow’s live chat service with this customer.  This included creating the knowledge base, and also completing the technical configuration of the live chat system on the website.

We handled their chat system 15 hours a day, 7 days a week (even during holidays) and have never missed a day.  We’re always there for visitors.

Because of this, their sales conversion rate (tracked in Google Analytics) increased by 30%.  Jeff’s customers appreciate having a live person to answer questions, which shows up in their feedback after chats and even in product reviews left after a purchase. Many mention how great live chat was.

Since we tookover running their live chat, Jeff has been able to focus on growing the business. He still reviews our chat sessions so he can provide feedback for improvement, but is now free to work “on” the business rather than “in” the business every day.

Jeff was a skeptic at first, as he didn’t think we could learn his business. But he’s now one of our biggest fans – and his customers love us too!

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