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Case Study:
Chat Can Drive Serious Revenue For Your Business


Jane was very helpful, she was most helpful in helping me with my order.

Visitor We Chatted With

Cary, IL, USA

This customer is the #1 Rated Online Car Cover Company in the United States.  They are the largest manufacturer and online retailer of Car Covers of all sorts.  They research, design and manufacture their products in-house and sell directly to thousands of valued customers worldwide.  This lean-business model helps them cut cost and put that money back into research and development to improve their products even more.  They stand behind their product and they even offer Lifetime Warranty on every car cover that they sell.  They also provide a 30-day money back guarantee in case their customers are not 100% satisfied with the product they purchased.  That’s how confident they are with the quality of their car covers.

The CEO and Customer Service Manager used to run live chat themselves.  They got lots of tier I questions but they weren’t available often enough.  This resulted to frustration on the customer’s side which actually affected their conversion rate.

We helped them by being online 15 hours a day, 7 days a week (even holidays).  We’re available to answer questions from visitors all the time and this improved their conversion.  They are also now focused on running the business rather than handling all the questions.


Jane was very helpful, she was most helpful in helping me with my order.

Visitor We Chatted With

Cary, IL

Responsive and courteous.

Visitor We Chatted With

Sequim, WA

Very fast reply and helpful!

Visitor We Chatted With

Walnut Creek, CA

We manage chat for a wide range of sites in all types of industries.  One of the important things to remember when running a live chat platform is to be available for customers.  Most customers have questions before making a purchase and if you’re not there to answer questions, you’re losing a lot of sales opportunities.

We made the chat service available for a longer time–even during holidays (15 hours a day, 7 days a week).  While its good to be available during business hours, research show that a lot of customers do their online shopping after business hours and during weekends.

Most of the questions encountered during chat sessions are Tier-1 inquiries.  Although the questions are simple and can be answered immediately, the volume of this type of inquiry takes up a lot of their time.  When we took over their live chat, we were able to learn the business easily, thanks to our methodical and effective way of learning a business.  We collaborated with Jonathan and Jacob in answering the core questions that we prepared during onboarding and we also spent time discussing more granular details that can’t be fully provided through our onboarding system.  These steps got us to the point where we’re ready to take over and launch.

Just like how we handle other business, we always ensure that we continuously learn the business.  We make it a point that our knowledge-base gets updated regularly and if there’s anything that we can’t answer, we get the answer from them and cascade the information to the entire team.


Average Chats Handled Monthly


Increase in Conversion

The live chat service of this customer is now operating longer hours (15 hours a day, 7 days a week) and even during holidays.  This means that we get to help more visitors than before.

One thing that we do specifically at HelpFlow is automatically inviting people to chat.  We don’t just wait for people to click the chat icon in the website for us to assist them.  Since we are doing chats proactively, more people are connecting with us for immediate assistance.  On an average, we get to chat with at least 1,000 website visitors.

By being available longer in chat and starting a chat session with the visitors, we we’re able to increase their conversion rate by 10% (tracked thru Google Analytics).  Higher conversion rate simply means higher revenue.

Since we are able to provide answers to visitors immediately, a lot of them are happy as reflected in their chat feedback and testimonials.  Visitors felt the value that live chat gives them since a live person is always there on standby to assist them with any question that they may have while on the site.  Higher customer satisfaction means repeat customers and it yields higher revenue.

It’s been only a couple of months since we’ve launched chat for this customer but the impact of doing live chat properly is already evident on the numbers that we presented to Jonathan and Jacob during our post-launch review.  Aside from that, both of them are now able to focus on growing the business.


Our live chat service works well. Take a quick look at the online demo video to see if this is a fit — no pressure, the service sells itself.