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Case Study:
You Can’t Run Chat Yourself


This company sells custom fitted night guards. They are so committed to providing excellent dental products to their customers that they even provide a 110% money back guarantee. Providing awesome customer service along with awesome products is important to them.

JP, the CEO, is very savvy when it comes to internet marketing and understood the value of live chat – he knew it drove conversions.  However, he realized that his internal team couldn’t run live chat effectively because they were also responsible for email support and phone support. Having them run live chat in addition to these other responsibilities would lead to slow response times and low chat volume. Also, they couldn’t be online all day every day, including weekends.

We launched live chat and have been online 15 hours per day 7 days per week including holidays. By having us focused on helping visitors through live chat and his team focused on other duties at the office, visitors are better taken care of and his team is able to focus on higher level work.

HelpFlow is doing a great job helping our sales by answering customer questions and removing uncertainty. The best part is they’re on the ball and constantly improving!


Owner, Company selling custom fitted night guards


I appreciate that I got the chat request as I was typing in my question on the web form. Thanks! Visitor We Chatted With

Salinas, CA

Everyone I have interacted with has been incredibly helpful and professional. Wonderful service. Visitor We Chatted With

New York, NY

Very professional, looking out for the best interest of the customer. Visitor We Chatted With

Providence, RI

It was important to this customer that their visitors were well taken care of anytime they visited the site. Our team was available 15 hours per day 7 days per week, including holidays.

Responding fast to visitor questions is absolutely critical to the visitor’s experience. Our system tracks the website traffic on our customers’ websites so that we know how many live chat agents we need available at any given time. This enables us to have the fastest response times possible and be there for every visitor that needs help – something that would’ve been impossible with JP’s small team running live chat.

Apart from being available for visitors, we needed to know enough about the customer to answer their questions. This was accomplished through our detailed onboarding process.

We built a knowledge base of how to handle various visitor questions based on a few things. First, we used our database of questions built after running live chat for over 100 eCommerce stores. This helped us know certain questions would be asked, regardless of the product being sold. For product specific questions, we brought in the company’s knowledge assets into our system (i.e.  FAQs on website, HelpDesk tickets, etc).  This process, along with the onboarding interview with JP and his team led us to have a strong knowledge base to help visitors.

With a strong knowledge base and constant availability for visitors, we launched and saw great feedback from visitors. They loved the live chat service – the the ROI was great!




Second Response Time


Are After-Hours Chats

We managed the live chat system 15 hours a day, 7 days a week (even during holidays) – and we still do! For the past year, we handled more than 6,000 chats from their website visitors with a lightning fast response time of 6 seconds. Nearly 30% of their website traffic and chat volume comes outside of business hours. This means that these visitors would not have received the help they need without us being available. Not only would that be bad for visitors – but it would be a huge lost sales opportunity for them, since visitors that chat convert 4-10X higher than visitors that don’t chat.

Ever since we started handling their live chat, JP and his team has been able to focus on their day to day initiatives while having peace of mind and confidence that their visitors are being well taken care of by our live chat agents

JP has been impressed with how we helped them and is also impressed by how we constantly improve.