This is Chapter 7 of the Definitive Guide to Live Chat – you can start at the beginning of the guide here.

It’s clear that Live Chat works, and is something that will impact your business.

  • Visitors prefer live chat over other support channels
  • Chatting with a visitor significantly improves the chance of converting them to a buyer, and
  • Visitors you chat with spend more than visitors that don’t chat

There’s really 2 options to take action on what you’ve learned in this guide:

  1. Setup a live chat tool on your website and start doing live chat yourself
  2. Or give our Help Flow done for you website chat service a try – We can manage your chat system for you and have a rock solid process to learn your business so we can truly help your visitors.

If you choose to do it yourself, use this guide to get it right and comment with any questions – we’re happy to help!

If you want us to get this up and running for you right away, schedule a demo and we’ll talk through next steps.

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