At the start of the Covid19 craziness in March, we brought together a panel of experts to share what they were seeing happening in eCommerce. 

Topics Discussed

Below is a brief snapshot of what was discussed:

  1. Paid media trends and strategies to manage your accounts during this rapidly fluctuating time.

  2. Considerations to focus mid / late funnel on conversion rather than top of the funnel prospecting efforts.

  3. Influencer marketing strategies, and the discounted rates Grayson and his team are seeing for solid influencers in the market.

  4. Inventory and logistics strategies to ensure your products continue to ship, or at a minimum to get ahead of any shutdowns at 3PLs etc.

  5. Strategic layoff strategies leveraging government funds to create a win win win for your employees, your business, and you as the owner.


We brought together a great panel of experts with diverse perspective on what’s happening and how to best navigate the path forward:

  1. Grayson Lafrenz, CEO of Power Digital Marketing. Power Digital specializes in data-propelled digital marketing is a truly ROI-focused agency.

  2.  Johnathan Dane, CEO of KlientBoost. KlientBoost specializes in digital advertising and conversion optimization for 100s of clients in diverse industries.

  3. Nathan Resnick, CEO of Sourcify. Nathan is an expert in ecommerce supply chains, with 10+ years of experience helping companies manufacture globally.
  4. Jon Tucker, CEO of HelpFlow. HelpFlow provides 24/7 live chat sales and customer service teams for 100+ eCommerce brands in a fully remote team structure.




Want to Continue to Explore The Topics?

We’ve continued the discussion of the eCommerce Town Hall topics here



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